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Free Sample Washington Articles of Incorporation

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Washington Articles of Incorporation (Checklist)
In the event that the name of a professional corporation contains the words "company", "corporation", or any other word or abbreviation indicating that it is a corporation, it must also be accompanied by the words "professional service" or the abbreviation "P.S." or "P.C." The names of corporations organized to render dental services shall contain the full names or surnames of all shareholders and, if desired, only the word "chartered" or "professional services" or the abbreviations "P.S." or "P.C."
(1). The "Term of Existence" of a corporation must be either "perpetual", or a specific number of years, such as "50 years". We cannot accept indefinite terminology such as "until dissolved by the Board of Directors".
(2). The corporation must designate a Registered Agent for Service of Process, annual renewal mailings, etc. A statement of consent must be included in the articles and must be signed by the person indicated as the Registered Agent. The Registered Office address of the corporation—in the State of Washington—must be identical to the business address of the Registered Agent, and must be a physical location, i.e., street and number or rural route and box number, city, state and zip code. For mailing purposes, a post office box number may be used in conjunction with the Registered Office address but both must be in the same city.
(3). It is not necessary to list the powers (rights) of the corporation in the Articles of Incorporation, nor is it necessary to send copies of the corporation's By-Laws.
(4). One set of the articles—the set that will be retained in the Office of Secretary of State—must be signed in pen and ink by the incorporator(s). The other sets may be photo copies. The incorporator(s) must be legally authorized to perform the professional service for which the corporation was formed.
(5). Submit at least two sets of the Articles of Incorporation. If you plan to register with other agencies in addition to the Secretary of State, we suggest you send in a minimum of three sets of the application.
(6). The filing fee for Articles of Incorporation is $_____, which includes the first year's corporate license fee.

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