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Free Sample Idaho Articles of Incorporation

Below you will find a sample Idaho articles of incorporation and/or related documents. (the sponsor of this site) helps people like you incorporate a business in Idaho.  So why would we give you free sample Idaho articles of incorporation?  Our competitors wanted to know also.

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Idaho Articles of Incorporation (Professional Corporation)
(Professional Service Corporation)
To the Secretary of State of the State of Idaho. The undersigned, in order to form a Corporation under the provisions of Title 30, Chapter 13, Idaho Code, submits the following articles of incorporation: _________
Article 1: The name of the corporation shall be: _________
Article 2: The corporation is organized for the practice of the profession(s) of: _________
Article 3: The number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue is: _________
Article 4: The street address of the registered office is: _________
and the registered agent at such address is: _________
Article 5: The name and address of the incorporator are: _________
Article 6: The mailing address of the corporation shall be: _________
Optional articles:
Signature of an incorporator: _________
Customer Acct #: _________
(if using pre-paid account)
1. Complete and submit the application in duplicate original. The name of the corporation must contain the requirements of 30-1311, Idaho Code.
2. The minimum information required by law is that in Articles 1 through 6. Other permissible provisions may be added in the area for optional articles and may be continued on attached sheets if necessary.
(Note: Practices which fall under the professional service act are listed in 30-1303, Idaho Code.)
3. Enclose the appropriate fee:
a. If the application is typed, the fee is $100.00.
b. If the application is not typed, the fee is $120.00.
c. If expedited service is requested, add $20.00 to the filing fee.
d. If the fees are to be paid from the filing party's pre-paid customer account, conspicuously indicate the customer account number in the cover letter or transmittal document.
4. Mail or deliver to:
Office of the Secretary of State
700 West Jefferson
PO Box 83720
Boise ID 83720-0080
(208) 334-2301
5. If you have questions or need help, call the Secretary of State's office at (208) 334-2301.

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