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Free Sample New Jersey Articles of Incorporation

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New Jersey Articles of Incorporation (Professional Corporation)
New Jersey Department of the Treasury
Division of Revenue
Certificate of Incorporation, Professional Service
Title 14A:17 New Jersey Professional Service Act
For Use by Domestic Processional Service Corporations)
This is to Certify that, there is hereby organized a corporation under and by virtue of the above noted statute of the New Jersey Statutes.
1. Name of Corporation: _________
2. The purpose for which this corporation is organized is (are) to engage in any activity within the purposes for which professional corporations may be organized under NJSA 14A: 17 et seq: _________
3. Registered Agent: _________
4. Registered Office: _________
5. The aggregate number of shares which the corporation shall have authority to issue is: _________
6. If applicable, set forth the designation of each class and series of shares, the number in each, and a statement of the relative rights, preferences and notations.
7. If applicable, set forth a statement of any authority vested in the board to divide the shares into classes or series or both and to determine or change their designation number, relative rights, preferences and limitations.
8. The first Board of Directors shall consist of Directors (minimum of one): _________ Name Street Address City State Zip
9. Name and Address of Incorporator(s): _________ Name Street Address City State Zip
10. The duration of the corporation is: _________
11. Other provisions:_________
In Witness whereof, each individual incorporator being over eighteen years of age has signed this certificate, or if the incorporate is a corporation has caused this Certificate to be signed by its duly authorized officers this day of 19_________.
Field #1 — Name
Enter a name followed by an acceptable designator — i.e., "Chartered," "Professional Association" or "P.A." These are the only acceptable designators.
**The Division of Revenue will add "P.A." if there is no designator provided and send you a notice indicating that a correction may be filed if this is not the desired designator.
**The law requires that the name contain the full name or last name(s) of one or more of the share-holders, or be descriptive of the type of professional service rendered. To the extent feasible, the Division of Revenue will check for compliance with this requirement. However, the primary responsibility for compliance in this area rests with the filer.
**Remember that the name must be distinguishable from other names on the data base. The Division of Revenue will check the proposed name for availability as part of the filing review process. If desired, you can reserve/register a name prior to submitting your filing by obtaining a reservation/registration. For information on name availability and reservation/registration services and fees, call (609)530-6400 Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m..
Field #2 — Purpose
List the corporate purpose (brief descriptive statement regarding the type of business that the corporation will conduct).
Field #'s 3 & 4 — Registered Agent And Office
Enter one agent only — the agent may be an individual or corporation duly registered and in good standing with the State.
Provide a New Jersey street address. A PO box may be used only if the street address is listed as well.
Field #5 — Stock
Enter the total number of shares issued. A minimum of 1 share is required. Par/no-par designations are not required.
Field # 8 — Initial Management
List the total number of directors (minimum of 1) and the name and street address of each.
**The law requires that a minimum of one director be a share holder and be licensed or legally authorized, within New Jersey, to provide the professional service for which the corporation is formed.
Field #9 — Formation Authority
List all incorporators (minimum of 1) and the name and street address of each.
Field #10 — Duration
Enter the period of time that the corporation is to exist if the time period is other than perpetual.
All incorporators, but only incorporators, sign. List the date of execution (signature).

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